Since her initial election in 2016, Stephanie has been a staunch advocate against the constant deluge of increased tax proposals that burden Waterbury families.  She understands that Waterbury residents already pay enough and cannot afford any increases.

  • Stephanie fought against widespread tax increases that would have raised the price on everything from prescription medication to Husky A to meals at restaurants.
  • She advocated against shifting broken, unfunded pension liabilities to Waterbury taxpayers, which would have cost Waterbury taxpayers over $8 million dollars.
  • Stephanie has also fought against tolls in Connecticut. The toll proposals could have cost Waterbury taxpayers over $500 per year, per car just for residents to get to and from work.
  • Stephanie even proposed that legislators should forego the vesting benefits, including the legislator pension, in favor of a 401k style plan.


Stephanie believes that education is the backbone to a strong economy and society. She has fought hard to ensure that all Waterbury children have opportunities for success.
  • Stephanie worked to secure money to renovate the aging Wendell Cross Elementary School.
  • Stephanie supports Minority Teacher Recruitment and Retention and was a vocal advocate for the bill that that creates a pathway for districts to hire more minority teachers and administrators.
  • Stephanie supports students choosing a career path that best suits their individual talents and works to ensure students know what opportunities are available to them after high school, including colleges & trade schools.
  • Stephanie is a strong advocate for the Care4Kids program which allows working parents financial assistance with child care costs.

Youth and Safety

Stephanie believes that our youth are our future and that increasing their opportunities positively benefits our City and State. She continuously has our community’s best interest at mind and has a demonstrated record of working to keep everyone in our community safe.
  • Stephanie works hard to promote a better, safer Waterbury for our families and our children. Her initiative, that received bi-partisan support, provides over $375,000 a year for Waterbury organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and PAL to provide anti-gang programming.
  • Stephanie supports legislation to strengthen the penalty for drug dealers that sell the harmful drug fentanyl.
  • Stephanie is a strong advocate for victims rights and co-sponsored a bill to protect sexual assault kits and the critical evidence they contain.
  • Stephanie supports policies that allow for reimbursement for body camera expenses for local police departments.

Business Community

The backbone of our community are our businesses. Representative Cummings, as the Ranking Member of the Commerce Committee has dedicated countless hours to improving the business climate in Connecticut and in Waterbury.

  • Stephanie has fought to make the cost of hiring apprentices more feasible through her apprenticeship tax credit bill.
  • She also proposed legislation that would adjust the apprentice/journeyman ratio to allow willing companies to take on more apprentices.
  • Stephanie understands that Waterbury is faced with addressing many brownfields and she has supported legislation that would allow cities like Waterbury to more expediently and cost effectively remediate so that the properties can be utilized once again.
  • Stephanie’s advocacy on behalf of the business community was celebrated when she was named the 2019 Legislator of the Year by the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce.

Seniors and Veterans

Stephanie has demonstrated that our seniors and veterans are an important aspect of our community by frequently visiting the senior center to provide legislative updates and offer informative programming.  She has also frequently run collections to better local veterans’ lives.

  • Stephanie supported eliminating the taxation of social security and pension income which directly benefitted our seniors and retired individuals who are living on a fixed income.
  • Stephanie understands the importance of the Medicare Savings Program, which is why she advocated to ensure that the program was fully funded.
  • Stephanie appreciates and honors all that our veterans have done which is why when military funeral funding was at risk, Stephanie stood up against such cuts.
  • Stephanie also supported bills that waive certain DMV fees for veterans as a thank you for their great service to our nation.


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